Social Security Disability and Sarcoidosis Functional Limitations

This page will discuss Sarcoidosis as it impacts a Social Security Disability or SSI claim.  I will explain what Sarcoidosis is, its symptoms and how the limitations from the condition can show an individual is disabled.  If you have this condition you are probably frustrated by how little people know about the disease.  I have handled many of these cases and if you have any questions call me at 1-877-527-5529.

Sarcoidosis is tiny lumps of cells or granulomas that can be found in many different organs of the body.  These groups of cells can cause organ dysfunction.

This condition can occur anywhere in the body.  It is most frequently seen in the lymph nodes and lungs.  It is also commonly found in liver, eyes and skin.  It is sometimes seen but less frequently in the other organs of the body such as brain, joints, heart, nerves, bones and many other places.  Sarcoidosis can be active at times and inactive at other times.  When the condition is active the cells are growing and when inactive they stop growing or can even get smaller.  During the active phase it can produce scaring of the affected organ which may not go away during the inactive phase.  The damage from having this condition varies greatly from little to no affect on an individual to progressive debilitating problems with the affected area.  This medical condition can be treated but there is no known way to prevent it.  In some cases can result in death due to damage of vital organs.  Although this disease involves the growth of cells it is not a form of cancer.  They are not quite sure what cause the condition but it is believed to be related to genetics and the immune system.

The limitations on an individual that are relevant to a Social Security Disability claimant are vast and depend on what body part the condition has affected.  If it is affecting the lungs it can cause shortness of breath and pain in chest.  Lymph Nodes can become swollen.  In the eyes it can affect vision, light sensitivity, pain and burning.  On the skin it can cause sores, bumps and discoloration.  In joints it can cause pain, swelling, loss of motion.  This is just a short list of some common symptoms but because the condition can affect almost any body organ the different types of symptoms and limitations from those symptoms are vast and too extensive to cover all of them here.  There are also some total body symptoms that are common like fatigue, weight loss, and feeling ill.

Because Sarcoidosis can affect so many different areas of the body many times people with this condition are found disabled by equaling a listing of another condition.  For example if sarcoidosis is affecting the joints they may be found to equal the listing for arthritis.  It is important if you have this condition and are seeking Social Security Disability or SSI that you keep this in mind and look at the medical listing of impairments of the area of the body which your condition is affecting to see if your symptoms and limitation closely resemble those found in a given listing.  If you think it might show the listing to your doctor and ask his or her opinion.

Even if you don't equal one of the listings you should have your doctor fill out an RFC or report which describes your limitations.  The many different possible combination of limitations in someone with severe sarcoid can be enough to show one can not work.  It is also not uncommon for someone with this chronic condition to suffer from depression and the limitations from this can further support your claim for disability.  To understand how SSA determines if you are disabled for SSDI or SSI.

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