HIV or AIDS in a Social Security Disability or SSI claim

HIV or Aids can be a difficult Social Security Disability case.  This page will cover some of the issues common to these types of claims for benefits.

Many people think that a diagnosis of HIV is enough to be found disabled for SSI or SSDI.  The truth is that these claims can be very challenging to win.  One reason is that medication can keep an individual functioning at a fairly high level.

Modern medicine has progressed significantly in this area and many people with HIV are able to lead normal lives.  However, some with the medical condition have serious limitations from the condition itself and the treating medications.  One thing Social Security will look at is whether you are taking the medication as prescribed.  There is often times a financial aspect to this and many who have the condition can not afford top of the line medical treatment.  If this is your situation SSA is supposed to consider this when evaluating whether you are following your prescribed treatment. 

The ideal way to show you are disabled for HIV or AIDS is to show you meet or equal the medical listing.  The medical listing for HIV is quite long and has many different ways in which someone with AIDS can be found disabled.  Take a look at the medical listing for HIV.  If you feel you may meet one of the listings make sure to take a copy of that listing to your doctor and ask for his opinion since to meet a listing you will need a doctor to say so.

Even if you don't meet the medical listing for HIV you can still show you are disabled by showing your limitations from that condition and any other conditions you have would prevent you from working.  To understand how SSA determines if you are disabled see my page called "am I disabled".  It is important to get an RFC formfrom your doctor showing your limitations.  Many people with this condition also suffer from depression.  It is important if you do suffer from depression along with HIV that you get both a physical and mental RFC filled out by the appropriate doctor.

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